Where is this taking place? Is everything at the same venue?

Unless otherwise stated, all festival events will take place it The Broad Theater, located at 636 N. Broad Street. See our directions page for info on where that is and how to get there.

Is there parking at the venue?

Valet parking is available courtesy of The Broad Theater, with off-street parking available nearby. The Broad Theater is conveniently located one block from the Lafitte Greenway for those riding bikes or walking over, and within blocks of the #32 and #94 RTA buslines and Canal Street streetcar line.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, The Broad Theater is wheelchair accessible. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns: shotguncinemanola@gmail.com.

What if I arrive late to a film?

Even though this is New Orleans, all screenings will begin on time in order to preserve our schedule. Late entries are distracting for film audiences, and by that point, you’ve already missed a significant chunk of the story, so if you’re more than 30 minutes late, we reserve the right to refuse entry.

Are the panels free?

All panels are free and open to the public!

Why aren’t the films free?

We clear licensing rights to everything we show. Admission fees are used toward paying those rights (among other costs).

What does my festival pass get me?

Your festival pass gets you into all film screenings at True Orleans. Combined with all the free events, this means you have all access to the festival! Pretty cool, huh.

Can I get a free pass?

If you or your business becomes a festival sponsor, then you’re eligible for one or more free passes, as well as other great perks. Email Executive Director Angela Catalano at angela@shotguncinema.org for more info on becoming a festival sponsor.

I’m a member of the press. Do I need accreditation?

Yes, and we would love to confer accreditation upon you. Please email press.shotguncinema@gmail.com and tell us who you are. Please note: press accreditation closes on Friday, September 2.

Is there reserved seating?

There is no reserved seating for any True Orleans event. The best way to ensure getting your preferred seat is to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance.

I tried to buy tickets to a film, but it says “rush only.” What does this mean?

It does not mean that you’re out of luck. It only means the screening has sold all its pre-sale tickets. But a limited number of rush tickets will be available at the door, so if you arrive early, you can wait in the rush line and it’s often very likely that you’ll get in. Rush tickets are cash only.

I bought tickets online. What now?

All you have to do is prepare for the screening by stretching, eating well, and bringing your ID and printed confirmation form to the venue.

Will there be concessions?

Why, yes, there will be! We ask that you please be courteous during films and keep the theatre clean. Crunching plastic water bottles during films may result in a swift ejection from the theatre because that’s the most annoying sound outside of cell phones and talking.

What IS truth, anyway?

We certainly don’t know. What we do know is that there’s a ton of passion and fascination that goes into compiling this work, and thus many visions of what truth is. Perhaps everyone has their own version.


Why the radio stuff? This is a film festival, right?

Radio is a powerful medium for telling stories. And without visuals, radio producers have to use different tricks to make their stories compelling. By the contrasting film and radio together, we can start to see how different storytelling media tick.

And besides, it’s no secret that New Orleans is a great audio town. More than most places, radio keeps the heartbeat of our city, and it’s just as exciting to showcase innovative radio content as it is to show innovative films.

So why documentary films?

Documentary filmmakers are benefiting from an unprecedented array of resources: lightweight and versatile equipment, increased access to stories and resources, and digital viewing opportunities in cinemas, online, and on TV make it easier than ever for these films to be discovered. The result is that documentarians have more chances to make innovative films than ever before, to tinker with style and story, to get their stories straight, and to find broad audiences. There’s an undeniable hunger to explore our dynamic world, and an undeniable buzz around documentary film as a tool for exploring it.

So who’s doing the projection – aren’t you guys really into that stuff?

Okay, maybe this question isn’t asked all that frequently, but yes we are, and we’re handling all digital projection using our NEC NC800C and server. All 16mm will be shown on our Eastman 25.

Are you accepting submissions for True Orleans?

True Orleans is currently a curated festival, and is not accepting submissions.

How can I support this festival?

Of course, we think it’s most important to see you in attendance. But if you can’t make it or you’re looking for other avenues, then consider donating to Shotgun Cinema!

Who is Shotgun Cinema?

Shotgun Cinema is a nonprofit film exhibitor based in New Orleans, and the creator of True Orleans. Established in 2013, they program films at venues throughout the city, focusing on strong, diverse programming and quality exhibition. They’re working toward a permanent, dedicated cinema in New Orleans in which to show films year-round. Won’t it be great?

You can learn about the activities of Shotgun Cinema, including their year-round programming, on their website.

Please send further questions and comments to: shotguncinemanola@gmail.com. Thanks!